Renovation and design concept for a listed staircase

Knaackstraße 8 in 10405 Berlin


Marc Torras Montfort





On the basis of the findings, a new colour concept for the inner room shell was developed for the residential building at Knaackstraße 8. The design of the staircase in the main house goes back to the colour scheme of 1889-90, but neglects the stencilling. To ensure that the staircase does not appear too dark, it is suggested that the background tones be chosen a few shades lighter.

The design for the staircase in the rear building is based on the staircase in the front building. The plan is to go back to the version from the building period, but to lighten the background tones by a few nuances. The shades of the fonds from the building period as well as the colouring and execution of the accompanying strokes will be reconstructed in accordance with the restoration findings.