Romain Rolland Street

Inventory and remediation concept

Renovation concept residential building Romain-Rolland-Str.

13599 Berlin


Marc Torras Montfort





The late classicist villa in Romain-Rolland-Straße, built in 1876, is located in the old village centre of Heinersdorf. There are other buildings on the property of the building under consideration. The north facade is characterized by striking late classicist ornaments and motifs, but shows a poor condition as well as the rest of the facade sides.

Seemann Torras Architektur has drawn up a renovation concept taking into account the aspects of monument preservation. The facades can be re-plastered and the ornaments can be reconstructed in consultation with the monument preservation authorities. The windows should also be renewed. The roof truss also has numerous defects and should be renewed, whereby the original form should be restored.

The existing plaster on the exterior walls is in poor condition and is flaking off in many places. It is therefore recommended that the plaster, which no longer adheres, be chipped off and that the entire surface of the house be cleaned and re-plastered. The ornaments on the north façade can almost all still be recognized and can be documented, so that a reconstruction would be possible. The windows should also be renewed and doors can be refurbished or repaired.

The interiors are in good condition The roof structure also has numerous defects , which is why it is recommended that the roof trusses be replaced. An attempt should be made to restore the original shape of the roof truss. All measures are to be coordinated with the preservation of historical monuments beforehand.